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Minty Fresh

Suck on an Altoid, Tic Tac, or mentholated cough drop immediately before giving head. Many guys enjoy getting a tingle from mint or menthol products on their willies. The mint will add a little zing to the blow job, and kill the taste of the semen when he cums. You can also use a dab of toothpaste in a pinch. We don't recommend mouthwash or breath sprays; these may contain alcohol, which can sting.

Hit the Sweet Spot

The main complaints about the taste of semen are that it is bitter and salty. The taste buds on different areas of the tongue are sensitive to specific tastes: sweet on the tip of the tongue, salty and sour on the sides, and bitter at the back. When swallowing semen, you can minimize the unpleasant tastes by trying to keep it away from the corresponding parts of your tongue. Since the "bitter" taste buds at the back of the throat are the most problematic, the solution is either to overshoot them (by deep throating), or to pool the semen in the front of the mouth and then swallow quickly in one gulp. Make sure the cum spends as little time as possible lingering near the back of your palate.

Cream of Cock

Playing games with food as part of oral sex is a great prelude to eating cum, since it gets you habituated to associating sucking cock with swallowing something that tastes good. And you can easily use a mouthful of chocolate syrup or honey to chase down the cum and get the taste out of your mouth. Using whipped cream from an aerosol canister is perfect. Once he cums, immediately stick the whipped cream nozzle in your mouth and spray; you won't be able to tell the cum from the cream.

Wash It Down

One technique for cum swallowing move is to wash it down with something to keep from having to taste it…whether it be water, chocolate, or a soy latte. The best tool is probably the bedside carafe of water. Simply reach for a glass of water and wash the goodness down the same way you would a tablet of aspirin. The other key is try not to move your head too much, other than tilting it back, in order to minimize the sloshing effect. If done correctly there’s no need to ever taste it. Because, even the best tasting cum is still, well, the best tasting cum.

There is always the option of giving head in the shower. Which, as an aside, whether spitting or swallowing always makes for a good setting. The shower stall gives you the option if discreetly spitting it down the drain, leaving him completely ignorant of your indiscretion. Or you can do the whole mouth-open-head-back-running-hand-through-hair move which he’ll find sexy while you slyly gulp down water by the mouthful.

Morning Practice

The gag reflex is the least active first thing in the morning (unless you're hung over from the night before). Try giving him a blow job when you first wake up. This is the best time to practice with a minimum of gagging, and let's face it, very few guys are going to argue with starting the day by getting their dick sucked, especially if they have morning wood. Once you have had a few successful attempts, you'll become more accustomed to swallowing semen and the gagging will stop.

Deep Shooting

When you are in close enough proximity to a man that you have his cock in your mouth, you should also be able to tell when it is about to blow a load. This is the time when you should thrust forward, taking his dick as far into your throat as you can. Swallow as his jizz hits the back of your throat and continue swallowing until he's empty. You'll never taste it if you can avoid getting it on your tongue.

Spread on the Flavor

These days there are a number of flavored lubes and edible lotions available that may help you disguise the taste of cum. Pick a flavor that you most like and spread a generous amount all over his cock before putting it in your mouth. For those of you who are diabetic or counting calories, there is now a line of sugar-free flavored lubes available.






















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