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Read Life-Saver

Put a 'lifesaver' in your mouth while doing your oral pleasure and have whatever flavor you choose! It also has other benefits as the lifesaver creates saliva as you suck on it making your mouth much more lubricated for a much better feeling for the receiver! You can also roll the lifesaver around in your mouth and tease your man with it. If you get your timing correct, the lifesaver will have dissolved at the same time the load arrives making the swallow sweet and perfect! Try it, you may like it and it only costs about 50 cents for a roll of lifesavers! - CC, Canada

Under the tongue

When I suck my husband off I continue sucking (gently) long after he's finished and begins to soften. This accomplishes two things; he gets sucked dry (something he loves) and it gives my mouth time to make sufficient saliva to dilute his semen which I let pool near the front of my mouth and under my tongue. When I really have a "mouth-full" I swallow the entire load at once. - Deb, Chicago

Hold It

I always taught the women who was going down on me to hold her breath when I came in her mouth. I would tap her on the shoulder as I felt the cum shooting up my cock. As we know if you hold your breath you cannot taste anything. I always had a glass of her favorite beverage by the side of the bed. Still holding her breath after swallowing I instructed her to swallow as much of her beverage as possible. Then, take a very very quick breath and drink some more. Result, no taste of semen just the taste of the drink. What could me more easy? - Canada

One Fell Swoop

I think making sure it all goes into the same place in my mouth, I don't wish to gargle with it. Then ONE FELL SWOOP and it's gone! I've taught many a girlfriend how to do this method! :)

Bathroom Blow

Well i want to reply to a part in here. "Running to the bathroom to dispose of it or spitting it out on the spot will take more time, and be less efficient, than just swallowing it. " - Not unless you do it right next to the toilet ;) - Canada

Turnabout is Fair Play

Gargle and take it like a girl should. 10 seconds tops of a bad taste isn't as bad as when he's got a 10 minute taste of you. - Sarah, Richmond

Inside Joke

 It was never even a question of spitting or swallowing. Only once have I opted for a towel, and that's because we both knew it was going to taste bad/smell bad (yes diet has an effect! fish is bad!) For me, it's like the fullest sense of completing the act. And if your tummy gurgles later, you two have an inside joke of love to laugh at... :-p i think guys just feel more satisfied with it. - Dra, Ohio


Consistency of semen, much like the volume of the load, is highly dependent on the amount of time since a guy's last orgasm and how long he has been stimulated in the current session. If a guy comes too often, his body doesn't have the time to slowly regenerate ejaculatory fluid and thus his cum is often very thick. This won't be the case, however, if the guy has been aroused for a while prior to coming since his body produces the fluid at many times the resting rate when he's erect. Therefore, if he's come several times in the last day and he comes within a few minutes of getting aroused, his cum will sort of ooze out very slowly... but if he comes after 30 minutes or an hour of stimulation, it will gush like water. - Kevin, Boston







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