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If you're uncomfortable with the idea of gulping down semen, or you've tried it and had a bad experience, being able to practice swallowing cum in a safe, relaxed environment may help. But how do you practice swallowing without actually giving head and getting a mouthful? We'll give you some tips on how to simulate a "dry run" complete with an ejaculation and faux jism. You can work at your own speed till you're ready to drink up for real.

Special Sauce
First you'll need to whip up a batch of something suitably semen-like. While you could get your guy to wank off and jizz in a jar and practice with real cum, the consensus it that semen's taste and consistency degrade quickly once it leaves the body. So swallowing funky old spunk probably isn't going to do anything help you overcome any qualms.

There are a few different substances you could try using to make a semen stand-in. Plain yogurt is probably the easiest and most palatable. Tapioca pudding (though a little chunky) has a more accurate texture. If you can make if from scratch with less sugar and no vanilla flavoring, it's ideal. Canned condensed milk can also work. Mix in an extra pinch of salt to duplicate cum's salty flavor. Try 1/4 tsp. salt per 1/2 cup of yogurt or pudding. If you want to add an element of bitterness, crush a quarter of an aspirin tablet into a powder and mix that in (don't do this if you are allergic to aspirin or cannot take it due to other medical conditions). If you want an even more realistic texture, mix in a lightly beaten egg white. For some people, however, swallowing egg white may be more of a turn-off than swallowing semen. You also don't want to let the raw egg stand around for any length at room temperature, as the bacteria can cause food poisoning. Add a spoonful or two of hot water to get the right consistency.

Big Gulp

For the most realistic possible BJ simulation, the ideal accessory is an ejaculating dildo. These can be purchased in sex toy stores or online. They are like regular realistic dildos, but they have a reservoir for liquid and a hand pump to squirt it out of the cock head at the appropriate moment. Dildos are typically larger than the average male member, so don't panic if you have trouble accommodating it in your mouth. You're practicing swallowing, not necessarily fellatio technique.

Load the ejaculating dildo up with your cum substitute. You might want to start with warm water to get the feel of it, but that will be more like a golden shower than a cum shot. Once you get the dildo loaded, get comfortable with it in your mouth. Try sliding it to the back of your throat and see if you can overcome your gag reflex. Hold the squeeze bulb in your hand and when you feel ready, let it rip with a quick squeeze. The salty, oozy goodness will flood your mouth. Remember that most guys don't shoot more than a tablespoon or two when they come, so don't go overboard. Give it another pump or two in rapid succession and you've just taken a simulated load. Did you get it all down, or did you spill a few drops? You might want to have a towel handy to catch any overflow.

Once you've gotten the hang of the basic swallow, try swallowing in different positions, like laying on your back, or leaning over the cock (as if the guy was on his back). Experiment with positioning your mouth differently for taking the juice; see what it feels like in the back of your throat versus the front. Contrast multiple swallowing with saving it all in your mouth for one gulp. For an advanced practice technique, have a friend feed the dildo to you, fucking your mouth with it and shooting its load without a lot of advanced warning.

You can also improvise some homemade ejaculating devices. The simplest, of course is a turkey baster. You can also use a squeeze bottle with a narrow tip (like for ketchup or mustard), or an unused medical syringe without the needle. To simulate a squirting cock, you can hollow out a cucumber and slide the loaded baster or syringe inside it. If you're talented and want to get fancy, you could whittle the shaft down and carve a cock head at the end. Fellate the cuke as you would a cock or dildo, then squeeze the baster bulb or depress the plunger to shoot in your mouth.

Ready for Action
Once you've built up your confidence by practicing, you'll be ready to swallow the real deal. Remember that real life situations and real cocks can always be unpredictable. But by practicing your cum swallowing skills, you should be prepared to stomach real semen. Swallowing mouthfuls of slippery, salty goo, even if it is just doctored yogurt, can go a long way in helping you overcome the psychological barriers of gulping down your guy's cock cream.































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