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Our Readers have shared their joy at swallowing cum. Here 50 of them share their feelings:

  1. Swallowing a cum is like being a baby cow. By sucking on an udder, white stuff comes out. So, the logical thing to do is to swallow the yummy white stuff! Samantha, California
  2. What's the big deal? I love the way my husband's cum tastes; it's always hot and there's lots of it and it goes down fast. Girls, suck it up and please your man!- Big D, Texas
  3. I just love handcuffing my boyfriend to the bed and sucking his cock until he explodes in my mouth, then I suck him dry. I leave him there until he can get hard again, then I sit on his cock and have my turn, but I swallow every drop. Cassandra, England
  4. Just do it. The payback is tremendous. Your man will do anything for you. From my experience, he feels the greatest pleasure for that 2-5 seconds when he is coming. That is when the woman has to keep licking the head of the penis and keep swallowing to maximize the pleasure (according to my man). - Jennifer, Texas
  5. When I suck my husband's cock I try to deep throat it as much as possible ... when I feel he is almost ready I take his cock deep in my mouth so when he cums he shoots it all down my throat ... I don't mind the taste at all ... I love eating his cum - Anonymous
  6. My first experience of oral sex and swallowing was a couple of months ago. I remember when friends of mine (all older) would discuss oral sex and the thought of it always grossed me out -- until I met Mark, my boyfriend. Now we exchange oral sex almost every time we make love, and the taste and sensation is unlike anything else in the world -- especially when I masturbate and cum immediately after he cums in my mouth. I just hold it there and swallow when I cum! - Anonymous
  7. I can't complain because I absolutely love the taste of my boyfriend's cum, especially when he forces his cock down my throat and comes, saving some for my tongue!!! So, girls, if you're going to do it, then for god's sake do it properly! - Charlie, England
  8. Love to swallow! I swallow almost every time I give a guy a blow job. It all depends on what they ate and I always ask them. I had an ex-boyfriend who ate a lot of salt and his cum always tasted salty, but there are other guys who taste flat and others taste just right. Now, if a guy (especially older) hasn't come in a long time, his cum may be quite thick and sometimes I spit out, but most of the time I swallow. Yum, yum! Best of luck. - Jessica
  9. Two words: Swallow it! Unless he wants to unload it somewhere else! - Shannon, Canada
  10. I've found that if I let him cum all over my face and then use my fingers to eat the cum, it's soooo sexy and I just think of ice cream when I eat his load. - Sue, United Kingdom
  11. I became addicted to cum the moment I tasted it the first time. I love the taste and the feel of it in my mouth. When my partner is ready to cum, I pull my head back so that just the head of his cock is between my lips, and place my tongue on the underside of the cock head. That way I get the full effect of tasting and feeling his cum jet into my mouth. I then swish it around in my mouth to get the full taste treat before slowly swallowing it. The only problem is that there is never enough cum! - TB, Georgia
  12. I just keep in mind that if my man does me (he has the longest tongue I have seen/felt), I should please him as well. So, "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." - Anonymous, Australia
  13. Just swallow. I like the taste. - OJ, United States
  14. I personally love the taste, the act ... everything about it. Swallowing makes me feel closer to my lover; spitting is something I would do with someone I didn't care about. I can't give any tips ... except, if you really want to please him, just do it! It will be just that much better for both of you. It's really not that bad. - Jen, California
  15. I love to suck on a big, hard cock deep. I like to suck him hard and get him to cum at the back of my tongue and throat. It tastes so sweet and warm that I don't notice any bad taste at all. And they love it ! I like to get every drop and lick a guy clean. None wasted here! I love cum and recommend taking a big load all the way back and swallow quick. - Jason, New Mexico
  16. I feared it until I did it! Now I want it daily! I love the taste, texture, and pride in knowing how I satisfied a man. - Tony, Kentucky
  17. We use no contraceptives for intercourse. During my fertile period, my partner pulls out when he is about to ejaculate, moves up my body, and I take him in my mouth. He pushes his dick right to the back of my mouth and shoots it all straight down my throat. I suck the last few drops out and swallow this. There is only a slight aftertaste. We have done this for years now and enjoy it. Me especially, as this way I can take his seed into my body without getting pregnant. - Zo, Australia
  18. I think that you should swallow because the men love it and it tastes sooo good ... and it makes the moment even more sexier!! - Anonymous, Illinois
  19. I'm a girl, and I have never had a problem with swallowing. It's not that bad, it's like 5 seconds of a bad taste in your mouth. Take it like a real woman and make your man happy, and they will owe you!! - Danielle, Kansas
  20. By experience, I think it tastes good if you have something extra in your mouth. If it tastes bad, then you may want more of it to go down. I think it's rather interesting for someone to swallow it and not like the taste of it or enjoy it all in one. Just my opinion - United States
  21. I hate the bleach smell. The taste feels weird, but yet there is something about it that is wonderful!!! - United States
  22. I love sucking my man's dick! When he ejaculates I suck all of the cum out, spit it on his stomach, or back on his dick, and I lick it and suck it up with one gulp! Oh, by the way, I am a pro. I should get paid for this! - M, Alabama
  23. I like to get my guy(s) laid back and real intense. Then I place his hand on his penis and let him take over. Soon he is running the show and I am watching. As he starts to cum I squeeze his balls with one hand and grab his shaft with the other and jerk him off while deep-throating him. I love to feel his load hitting the back of my throat! On my last ride I tested him by French kissing him afterwards and letting his semen drain back into his mouth! He was a trooper and didn't flinch! - Anonymous, United States
  24. I had a girlfriend who did not like swallowing, but enjoyed everything else about giving head. So she decided to have me swallow my own cum every time. I found (and find)it thrilling beyond description to taste and swallow a big load of cum. - Brett, California
  25. My girlfriend talked me into tasting my cum after we had intercourse. I found I liked it but we had both been drinking lots of pineapple juice. - Anonymous, North Carolina
  26. The truth is fruit doesn't change the taste. It's all a mental thing, you can't change the way it tastes. Sorry (watch the Sunday night sex show). I suck my boyfriend's cock every chance I get. I love to make him happy, and if he wants to put in on your face, let 'em! Oh, your boobs? Let 'em! In your mouth? Just drink something after and you're fine ... not water, though, because it doesn't take the taste away. I learned to deep-throat all of it after a while, and as others have said, if you deep-throat it at climax and start swallowing, it really is effective. - Mari, Alabama
  27. My boyfriend and I were madly in love and I gave him a blowjob. It was amazing!!!! His cum didn't even taste that bad!!!! - Anonymous, Mexico
  28. From a bisexual male, I cannot understand the difficulty in swallowing cum; it is a very wonderful experience. From the male point of view, a woman or man should let the male know that they desire the cum and wish to swallow it prior to starting. I like to tell the man that I want and enjoy his load in my mouth and throat. This is a relief for the man to know. As for me, it is a pleasure to service a man's cock and enjoy his offerings in my throat. So, I do not find any ill taste or feel. - Ron
  29. My wife loves to swallow my cum. She will let me ride her lips while laying on my side until I explode. She likes to suck me dry and keep sucking me until I become aroused again, which really turns me on. She actually says she loves the taste of my cum and seems to prefer cum swallowing to vaginal sex. Sometimes I'll want to fuck her but she'll say no, that she wants to swallow my cum. She actually begs me for it and never chokes on it. She squeals while I ride her throat like she's cumming herself. As she sucks me off, I often fantasize verbally to her about multiple guys exploding in her mouth. She really goes nuts when I do this to her. - Anonymous, Pennsylvania
  30. I love to suck my boyfriend in the morning. Nothing like a healthy breakfast. Better than a banana. The best part of waking up is cum in your mouth! - Jerrika
  31. My boyfriend likes it when I put his whole cock in my mouth and hold my head down there and move my tongue around lightly on his cock (it teases him). When he comes I swallow all of it, leaving not even a little dribble. Swallowing is way better for the guy than spitting. Why give head if you aren't going to swallow his cum? 'Cause most guys like it when their girlfriends swallow. Well, at least mine does. - Sarnia
  32. Well, the last time I sucked my man's dick was last night. His is so big and juicy. He likes it when I suck it. Just take your time sucking the big dick because it is a heck of a ride. He loves it when I lick his lollypops! - Linda
  33. When I was a young man, a woman who I had a close relationship with decided it would be ok to give me a blowjob. She did a poor job at it but I was thankful all the same. When I came, to my surprise she stayed on me and swallowed all of it. Immediately I decided: I will marry that woman. Never mind she did a poor job at first, the end could not be outdone. We've been married 13 years now. If she hadn't swallowed, it's likely she and I would have moved on after a few months together. Take that story for what it's worth to you all. - Anonymous
  34. I love to swallow cum! Sometimes it tastes wonderful and I savor it, sometimes not and I quickly swallow it. Either way, I worked hard for that load, and I won't waste it. - Anonymous, Pennsylvania
  35. Swallowing guys' sperm really makes them excited. It helps them relax and it is just common courtesy. If he puts up with me, I should do the same and guzzle him up. Always willing to talk or help others! - Jordan, Canada
  36. I just swallow. The first few times it is a bit uncomfortable, but like eating oysters, you soon begin to enjoy it. - Echo, Florida
  37. I love to swallow. My boyfriend is so healthy and his cum shoots like a rocket into my throat! If you swallow right away, there really isn't a bad taste. I kind of like it. - KB
  38. Because I loved the guy I did it with, I wanted to taste him and it was mind-blowing having him cum in my mouth after he had fucked the face off me. I love going down on him and tasting his pre-cum ... and then sucking him to the point of no return. I could feel him cumming, and then I thought how much I loved him, and that was it for me!! Only do it if you like the guy lots or you are in love with him. Any other way I think would be horrid. It's a special thing and you gotta respect that. - Karen
  39. I think every woman should at least try to swallow their man's cum. You aren't really giving a complete blow job unless you swallow. Do the right thing, girls! Cum is an acquired taste, but after a couple of times you get used to it. Trust me, men love head, so do it great! - Pokey, Oklahoma
  40. I love swallowing my partner's cum. This way he knows I really love him. The taste is bearable, but I usually deep-throat him. That way, it goes straight into my throat and I swallow without having to really taste it much. Swallowing cum is great! I love it when it goes all over my face and I have to lick it off around my mouth also. - BJ, Canada
  41. Just take it, girl! Cum is the best! I swallow it all the time! Yummy nummy in my tummy! - Sailor Mars, Florida
  42. A lot of good tips on this site, but I'd like to recommend just concentrating on the sound of him groaning as he cums and simply looking up at him and swallowing it to show you appreciate his effort. Against the back of the throat is great too! Just make sure you're on your knees showing your respect for his load! - Anonymous, California
  43. When I gave head for my first time I thought I was gonna be really bad, but I wasn't. He said I was actually really good. What I found worked best was not worrying about what it was gonna taste like, but just deep-throat him when I knew he was gonna orgasm. Since I have a tongue ring, at first I started off by stroking my tongue ring up and down his penis and around his head. Then I started to suck on him up and down, and then when I knew he was gonna come, I deep-throated him and sucked him dry. - Emily, Canada
  44. I love to give blowjobs more than anything. I don't feel complete unless my lover cums in my mouth. It is incredibly sexy to me. It's not the taste, it's the idea that I have completely satisfied him. I always let him know up front that I want him to cum in my mouth. It takes any worry out of his head and it makes me feel sexy to let him know I love to swallow. If you love to give head, love to swallow! - Bob, Illinois
  45. All my boyfriends say I have given them the best blowjob ever. I am not sure why, but I think it's because I love to swallow. Play with your man's balls as you are licking his head and make sure it's very wet and sloppy, then slowly go down all the way and up again. Do that for a long time and then get faster and faster, making sure it still very wet and sloppy. Then, as you feel him about to cum, you look at him in the eye and ram his cock deep down your throat and feel the pumping sensation. Once he has finished, open your mouth to show him what you have and then swallow in one gulp. Be sure to suck him totally dry and clean up all around his cock. He will love you forever! - Sophie, United Kingdom
  46. The best thing I found is just when you think your man is about to shoot his load, take his cock as far down your throat as you can! That's what I did until I developed a taste for cum. Now I enjoy tasting it and sometimes actually crave a big load on my tongue. - Jessica, Ohio
  47. Not only is it the healthiest thing you can ingest (for your own beauty), when I was pregnant, I must have swallowed a lot of the stuff, because the child is a brain! Obviously, it was due to the semen swallowed during pregnancy. Blowjobs are wonderful for pregnant ladies and their unborn babies. Also, they're great for your own complexion, your smile, and just think of the attitude improvement after getting all those good vibes and good protein all at once!!! - Marge, Alaska
  48. I love to give blowjobs and swallow the cum. Believe me, I am really into it. I did not really like the taste at first but I have really gotten to love cum. I first swallowed when I was 19 and have never stopped. I am especially into black guys and I love to let them cum in my mouth and then I show it to them before I swallow it. This really turns me on. - Kate, Pennsylvania
  49. Let me tell you, I love cum! I can't get enough of it! I love the way it tastes, feels, and smells. I always swallow if a guy cums in my mouth, and if he cums on me I always scoop it up and eat it. You're gonna think this is sick, but when a guy cums on my face, because it sometimes gets into my nostrils, I love to sniff it!!! - Melissa, Virginia
  50. I always swallow my husband's cum and I love the way it tastes. I am 24 and have been married to my husband for five years and he is the only guy I have been with. I love him and do everything for him. I have drunk his piss before and I love to lick his ass. We do everything and anything and I can't get enough of him. - Nicole, Pennsylvania




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